I am worried about catching COVID-19 by being around other people, should I still book?
You are certainly right to be worried, however,  here are a few reasons how we make it safe for you:

1 - We disinfect all our escape rooms between games so everytime a new game starts virtually all items that get touched have been sanitized.
2 - In times of epidemics like COVID-19 we offer all players to wear protective gloves that will not impede your game and give you extra protection from other players in the game. We also will give gloves free of charge even when there is no epidemic for customers who request them.
3 - During the COVID-19 epidemic we will limit the number of people in the room to the size of your own personal group, so that way you will not run the risk of being contaminated by other people you don't know/trust.
4 - Tissues are always available from the reception or Game Master so you do not need to sneeze on your hands or shoulder, garbage cans are also provided in public areas for disposal of these tissues.
5 - We make sure our staff are well at all times and will not make any staff member come in to work when they are feeling sick or have any form of transmitable virus.
6 - If any of the above answers have not covered your question, please feel free to call us at anytime and speak with us about your concern. We will do our best to assist you.