ATG Escape Rooms is located at 1430 Danzig Plaza, Concord, CA 94520

Birthday Party / Team-Building / Special Celebration

All bookings are based on availability. Your booking will be confirmed after booking.

Starting from $380 – Escape Room Party Package – up to 8 players ($35 for each additional player).

Includes 1 hour Escape Room Experience and 1 hour in our Party Room.


All Party/Private Room bookings include tables, chairs, plastic tablecloths (black or white) & access to a refrigerator with counter space.

You provide all the other decorations. Pictures you see in our photos are examples of our past parties decorated by our guests.

***No confetti, glitter, beads, rice, etc allowed. This Clean-up fee is $300.

***PLEASE NOTE: You must clean-up after your event. All garbage must be in trash bags provided by us. We will take the trash bags out.

***For an additional $150, our staff can clean the room for you.

***Excessive clean-up fees may apply if there are spills, stains, or we need to repair something that your group broke.



$150 for each additional hour in Party/Private Room (based on availability).

$150 Social Photo Booth (we send all prints in digital format so you can share them with your friend and families).

$150 Clean Up Fee (let us do the cleaning).

Photos of our Party Packages

Feel free to fill out our Request Form if you need more information.

Escape Room Party

Our Attic Society room is perfect for ages 12+ and can host up to 18 players at once.

Try our new Toyland Space Cadets. This escape room is perfect for ages 6-12 year olds. Host your child’s next birthday party with with us. This room can accommodate up to 16 kids at once. Complete your party in our private room for cake, opening presents and socializing.

Glow Light Dance Party

Enhance your dance party with GLOW LIGHTS! Have a Glow Light Dance Party with your friends! Be your own DJ. Create a playlist on your music player and just connect it to our Auxuxilary input. Then just dance away with our sound-activating dance lights to complete your party.

Karaoke Party

Sing along with your friends. Rock, Pop, Rap, Funk…. thousands of the latest hits and your favorite classics to get the party started! Rock Legends, TV Shows, K‑Pop…, you’ll find exactly what you and your friends are looking for!

Movie Theater

Enjoy your favorite movie with your friends. Stream any movie on your streaming platform projected on a large size screen.

Video Game Theater

Have a video game party with your friends! Invite your friends, bring your console and play your favorite video games on our large size screen. Host a tournament game party.

Character Party

Create a magical moment for you and your friends. We have amazing characters such as Princess, Fairy Tale, and Super Heros.

Characters Themes

Bring your child’s imagination to life by adding a Character Theme to your party. Our Character arrives 30 minutes after the party starts. Then for the next 60 minutes, your child will be taken away by the magic of any one of our many Characters – with storytime, sing-alongs, and a meet & greet.
Characters are NOT the copyrighted, licensed or trademarked ones you may know or be familiar with. Our characters are representations. We have NO affiliation with any company or group that may own the rights to similar characters or stories and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Fairy Tale

There is magic everywhere. Invite our Fairy Tale characters to your event or party. Seeing the precious smiles of everyone is priceless.

Snow White
Little Mermaid Princess
Peter Pan
Tinker Fairy

Action Heroes

Not every day you will see Super Heros in your neighborhood. Invite them to your event or party and celebrate your special occasion with them.

Captain M
Amazon Princess
Cape Crusader
Super Girl

Other Characters

Invite your favorite characters to your event or party. Make the dream come true.

Space Cadet
Wizard Student (Hogwarts)
Safari Girl
Dorothy of Oz
Circus Hosts
Gentle Clown
Mrs. Mouse
Mr. Mouse
Male Pirate
Female Pirate

Group bookings are based on availability.

Your reservation is not confirmed until we receive full payment. 

Final guarantee & non-refundable payment is due 24 hours prior to the group booking date. 

You may reschedule your event up to 3 days in advance, via email to receive an ATG Escape Rooms credit. 

Cancellation less than 5 days prior to your event, 100% of your total payments will be retained and no credit will be issued. 

If you need to reschedule your event date, you have up to 3 months before your credit expires. 

You may reschedule 1 time.

You are responsible for reaching out to us on any cancellations or rescheduling.

Do not assume we have received your request for changes until you get a confirmation email from ATG Escape Rooms. 

Decorations: You may bring decorations except for any type of confetti, glitter, paint, or rice.

We provide tables, chairs, plastic table cloths (black or white) & access to our small kitchen with a refrigerator & lots of counter space. All other decorations are provided by you. Pictures you see in our photos are examples of our past parties decorated by our guests.

Cleaning: You must clean-up after your event. All garbage must be in trash bags provided by us. We will take the trash bags out.

Party Room Examples Decorated by Other Guests

Party Games Selection