Corporate Escape Room Experience

Special Promotion

Escape and Huddle Experience
We can accommodate up to 18 people in our Huddle Room

Have your Escape Room Experience (min 12pp) between now and July 31. 2022. You will receive a one-hour complementary Huddle Room.
You’re welcome to bring your own food & beverage.

***promotion expires July 31, 2022

**please inquire about a larger group size.

ATG Escape Room

Are you ready for a competitive activity?

We have two identical Attic Society rooms. Everyone will have the same experience in 60 mins (up to 36 people for large team-building). This means you can have two teams of 18 people competing against each other to see who can escape first all in one hour. For example, you can have two different departments in your company compete for bragging rights of who escaped first.

Your group will be split up into two groups. One group will be in Attic A1 and the other will be in Attic A2. There will be puzzles and clues in both rooms. Both groups will have to communicate with each other thru a wall to solve the puzzles and open the door between them. Then they combine their clues to escape.

This escape room will help your team bond together to use all their skills and discover new ones along the way.

Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Analysis, Innovative, Problem Solving, Teamwork & Collaboration, etc…

Let’s see what they have to take on this challenge as a TEAM.

Your Mission

You have received an invitation to join our fraternal order. Welcome to the Attic Society. Our order has existed for hundreds of years and until recently we have thrived together.

It pains me to share that lately, the Attic society has seen difficulties we did not expect.

Under normal circumstances, we would ask that you pass an initiation test. Standard fare for our order. But, we are fractured from within and now your acceptance into our society not only rests on you passing our test but you must also discover who is attempting to undo our secret society.

You will be split into two groups. As tradition dictates we only can allow a certain number of individuals to become a part of our society and we only want the best to join us. This does not mean you cannot work together. We encourage cooperation whenever possible. Along the way, you may uncover clues or items that are actually for those in the other room. Use your creative thinking and work out the puzzles amongst your group.

You don’t have much time. Get to work. The Attic Society is counting on you.

Good luck.


$30 per person Escape Room Experience

All timeslots have a minimum of 12 people and up to 36 people.


$150hr Huddle Room

Includes: WiFi and Wired Internet, 50″ Flastscreen, Whiteboard,

360 USB Camera, Plug-in Play to your laptop for your meeting service provider (Zoom, Meets, Teams, etc)

To reserve your Escape Room TEAM Building Activity, please contact and we will be more than happy to work with you.