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Bookings are available starting in May 2022!


STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Recently the industry added the letter “A” for Arts. Making the acronym STEAM. These five fields make up the majority of the modern workforce. Introducing students to STEAM at an early age is the key to giving them the skills to be critical thinkers. It is important to get their minds opened up to understand them. 21st Century students are our FUTURE.

Education Challenges for STEAM

Teachers are required to follow core curriculums. With high student-to-teacher ratios and limited resources, teachers are already struggling to find extra time to prepare for their daily lesson plans.

STEAM lesson plans often require training, days/hours to prepare for one lesson. This leaves an absents of teaching STEAM.

Schools are limited on resources and have no funding to implement STEAM in their classrooms.

Road to Student Success and a TurnKey Solution for Educators

The world is changing rapidly. ATG Escape Rooms has created a TurnKey STEAM Escape Room Adventure for educators. We want to promote STEAM awareness at a young age.

No need to be trained or setup on our STEAM Escape Room Adventure. For your students’ safety, all of our ATG hosts are in compliance and fingerprinted.

Your class can experience this adventure by booking a time slot with us and all you need to do is show up.

If you are concerned about;

  • The rise of school bus fees
  • Getting volunteer chaperones
  • Spend an entire day traveling

We can travel to your school/venue and setup this STEAM Escape Room Adventure. All we need is a large space that is no smaller than 30’x30′ with a minimum of 20 6′ tables. We will setup the rest.

An entire class size of students collaborates to solve multiple puzzles at various stations. Collectively, they need to complete all tasks to complete the mission as one team.

ATG STEAM Escape Room Adventure

Are you ready for some learning FUN?

Students not only will have hands-on learning activities that allow them to apply science, technology, engineering, art, and math, they will enjoy it while having fun with their peers. Each session is 60 minutes and will need 20 to 40 students to participate each session.

Inspire and encourage them to think deeply so that they have the chance to become innovators, educators, and leaders who can solve pressing challenges facing our future. Get them ready for the real world.

Students will use all their skills and discover new ones along the way.

Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Analysis, Innovative, Problem Solving, Teamwork & Collaboration, etc…

Let’s open up their curious minds and let them explore the world of STEAM. Give them these opportunities and see them shine.

Your Mission

Your favorite teacher was kidnapped by aliens from a planet far away. Send out a search party.

Work together, use your powers of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Analysis, Innovative, Problem Solving, Teamwork & Collaboration, etc…

Many of you will discover and unlock new skills. Do not travel alone, stay together in small groups is your best line of defense. Travel alone and you may be joining your teacher in an alien test lab.

Your mission is to solve the clues left behind to get your beloved teacher back and save the world from the aliens.

Pricing & Fundraising Opportunity

$30 per student when you come to our venue

All timeslots have a minimum of 20 students.

$400 traveling fee if you like us to come to your school/venue

Book 3 or more timeslots and we’ll waive the traveling fee.

Participating Fundraisers

At ATG Escape Rooms we have 5 challenging and fun escape room themes. Have people play our escape rooms by booking through the custom booking link and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the STEAM Escape Room Adventure program.

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Please contact and we will be more than happy to work with you on coordinating this STEAM Escape Room Adventure.