We put the FUN in Fundraisers!

Community Fundraisers

To participate and donate to your fundraiser program, please fill out our Request Form and mention the name of your organization.

Pre-book your Party Package by 12/31/23 for this offer to be valid.

Please mention your registered non-profit organization when filling out the Request Form.

Fundraising FAQ

  • Why is ATG Escape Rooms offering a fundraiser program?

We are a local family-owned business. We understand budget challenges that our schools, non-profit community supporters, and those who provide a service to the general public for the greater good. We want to make a difference however we can. As a matter of fact, at the beginning of the pandemic, we created a Facebook Group call Teacher Tech Tips. The group now has over 700 teacher members. We are glad we were able to help answer technical questions and offer advice on how to adapt to the new norm of teaching during the lockdown.

  • Is this fundraiser program for any company?
No, this program is designed to help non-profits that have a 501c3 Tax ID.
  • How does this fundraising program work?
Think of it as a Let’s Eat Out night at a restaurant. The only difference is, this can be for multiple days.
  • How long is the fundraising program?
Fundraiser Party Package can be pre-booked anytime by 12/31/23 for this offer to be valid. Please mention your non-profit organization when filling out the Request Form.
  • How much effort do I need to put into this?
The onboarding process will take no more than 15 minutes to setup. Then you are ready to go.
  • What do I do after I finish my onboarding process?
Once you have finished your onboarding process, all you need to do is share our flyer and link to your social media and however you communicate to your audience. We do ask that you share this link https://atgescaperooms.com/fundraiser
Your folks then book the party and you will receive a check from ATG Escape Rooms after your event is over, provided that you have submitted a letter with your 501c3 Tax ID.
  • Can I see how much we have raised so far?
Yes, the fundraiser point of contact can always email us for what you have raised so far.
  • What type of escape room games can our guests book with the party package?
All of our In-Person Escape Room bookings can be booked with the party package.
  • How does our organization get the proceeds?
30 days after your event has passed, you will receive a check from ATG Escape Rooms. Please note, we must have a letter stating your 501c3 Tax ID number to receive a check.
  • Do ATG Escape Rooms do events?
Yes, we do. As a matter of fact, we are partners with FSE (Full Service Events). An AV (Audio Visual) company that offers full service production and equipment rentals. With our partnership, we will work with your event and help you fundraise to help off-set some of your fundraiser costs. Please contact us at events@atgEscapeRooms.com if you are interested in hearing how we can help.